Make Telegram bot for notifying about new RSS feed items



Create bot

  1. Message @BotFather in Telegram
  2. Enter /start command
  3. Add all of the info it requests
  4. Save the token in the end
  5. Create public channel
  6. Add bot to that channel
  7. Allow it to be admin

Create script

mkdir telegram-bot && cd telegram-bot && touch && code .
pip3 install requests
import requestsBOT_TOKEN = '' # the one you saved in previous step
CHANNEL_ID = '' # don't forget to add this
def send_message(message):
send_message('it works!')

Parse feed

pip3 install feedparser
import feedparserFEED_URL = ''def main():
rss_feed = feedparser.parse(FEED_URL)
for entry in rss_feed.entries:

Send recent items from RSS feed

from datetime import timedelta, datetime
from dateutil import parser
FEED_URL = ''def main():
rss_feed = feedparser.parse(FEED_URL)
for entry in rss_feed.entries:
parsed_date = parser.parse(entry.published)
parsed_date = (parsed_date - timedelta(hours=8)).replace(tzinfo=None) # remove timezone offset
now_date = datetime.utcnow()
published_20_minutes_ago = now_date - parsed_date < timedelta(minutes=20)
if published_20_minutes_ago:


if __name__ == "__main__":
sleep(20 * 60)


If you got so far, you probably found something useful. Please consider supporting me :D




Software Engineer

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Ljubiša Moćić

Ljubiša Moćić

Software Engineer

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